Plan to Strengthen Commercial Property Energy Standards: to B or not to B?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) were introduced almost 3 years ago in April 2018. At the time of their introduction there were rumblings and concerns about the impact this would have on the commercial property market.

In my view, the introduction of MEES was less than dramatic and fell a bit short of the mark. There was no sudden wave of improvements being made or deals falling over because of an F or G rating. In fact, MEES just seemed to add to the general irritation of having to obtain an EPC.

Perhaps the low-key impact of MEES was because it was just a starting point. A quiet and understated introduction that buildings must (and will) be improved. Well, three years on and following the Government publishing its Energy White Paper in December late last year, the next proposal is here.

The White Paper confirmed that the future trajectory for non-domestic MEES will be an EPC B rating by 2030, with the accompanying consultation on how this will be implemented announced recently on 17 March.

So, if the current F/G EPC rating was a nagging concern – the leap up to a B rating over the next 9 years must surely draw some reaction from the property industry.

The consultation link is here if you have any views or would like to submit any comments. The consultation closes on 9 June 2021.

Published 21 April 2021 by Kelly Peck

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