Divorce & Family: What to Expect at Your Initial Legal Consultation

Divorce & Family: What to Expect at Your Initial Legal Consultation

The aim of the initial consultation is to clearly explain what lies ahead and the options open to you. The consultation will be by phone or video call. We will discuss your objectives, and help you decide how you want to achieve them.

We suggest you prepare a list of questions and issues that you would like to discuss, to make the most of your initial appointment.

The consultation will focus on the needs of your particular situation and will include where appropriate advice on:

  • Options for Resolving Your Claims
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Potential Outcomes
  • Arrangements for Children

Options for Resolving Your Claims

We will discuss the various options open to you to bring about a resolution to the financial claims that arise when a relationship breaks down. At the initial meeting our solicitors will explain the options for dispute resolution, including all aspects of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative-based approaches.

We will take you through the pros and cons of each option, discussing how they may fit your circumstances. You will then be able to make an informed choice about which will work best for you.

What to expect at your initial divorce legal consultation

Financial Disclosure

It will be useful if you were in a position to provide an overview of your financial situation. A preliminary understanding of your financial position will allow our solicitors to assess issues around asset and income division, current and future. If there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, bring this along. Similarly, if you have a pension, bring along any information you may have.

Please only bring along your own financial paperwork, because your solicitor cannot deal with the financial papers relating to your ex-partner.

Potential Outcomes

With the benefit of the financial information and background you supply, our solicitors can explain to you how the courts would approach the division of assets, and the sorts of Financial Orders that can be made.

Understanding the potential outcomes will put you in a better position to secure a suitable financial settlement.

Arrangements for Children

If you want to discuss arrangements for your children, our solicitors will advise you as to the law and the best way to approach organising arrangements for your children.