Free Initial Consultation plus Discount to NHS Staff

As a thank you to NHS staff, we offer you a free initial legal consultation in those areas where we offer services to individuals – listed below. There is no obligation to use Barr Ellison following the consultation, but if instructed we also provide a £100 discount on our fees.

The only requirement is that you provide evidence of your employment with the NHS.

Our Areas of Expertise

The areas where we can thank NHS staff are:

Conveyancing: Our top class residential property team has dealt with just about every possible property-related situation. Get in touch with your query whether you are wanting to buy or sell, or you are facing a tricky property issue.

Family – Cohabitation, Divorce (including Collaborative Divorce), Divorce Finances, Nuptial Agreements: Our standard fixed fee charge for your initial consultation is waived for NHS staff, and the discount of £100 applies in full in relation to any future consequent instruction to the family team.

GP Surgeries & Practices: We recognise that GP practices are very much on the front line. We have specialised in providing services to GP Practices for decades, so our offer applies to these services too.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: For the benefit of our clients, it is our policy to act in cases where the amount in dispute has a value of £10,000 or more. Please get in touch if this is the case. The reason for the threshold is because cases below £10,000 are considered by the courts to be ‘small claims’ and judges are very reluctant to grant costs to the winning party. We therefore consider it unviable on a cost-benefit basis to appoint a solicitor in ‘small claims’ cases. The Which organisation has a useful guide on How to Use the Small Claims Court, which is a great starting point for anyone finding themselves in this position.

Personal Wealth – Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Trusts & Tax: We offer the full range of services in relation to managing your personal wealth including making your Will, implementing Powers of Attorney, advising on inheritance tax, gifts & trust funds, and assisting with personal tax.

Personal Injury & Court of Protection: We specialise in head & brain, spinal, amputation and catastrophic personal injury cases. While we are not able to consult on less serious accidents, we will seek to point you in the right direction. It is our policy not to take cases against the NHS, so we do not take on clinical negligence cases, or indeed any cases against any part of the NHS.

Please get in touch with your enquiry using the form on this page.

NHS Staff


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Emma Truin, Personal Injury & Managing Partner at Barr Ellison Law

Emma Truin

Personal Injury & Managing Partner

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Mark Copley

Personal Injury Associate

Emma Parsons, Head of Personal Wealth at Barr Ellison Law

Emma Parsons

Personal Wealth Partner

Charlotte Dixon Personal Injury Paralegal at Barr Ellison

Charlotte Dixon

Personal Injury Paralegal

Sarah Martin Head of Family Law at Barr Ellison

Sarah Martin

Family Law Partner

Lucy Spraggons Personal Injury Paralegal

Lucy Spraggons

Personal Injury Lawyer

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