Buying & Selling Your Home

Even when it’s planned long in advance, moving home has the reputation of being the most stressful of everyday experiences.

You have been brilliant throughout. We were so glad to have had you as our lawyer for this matter.
Ms Taylor, Finland

However you do it, buying or selling a home is fraught with complications and potential pitfalls – many of which it is impossible for anyone but an expert to anticipate – and if you’re both buying and selling, those complications are doubled.

Thank you! Having a lawyer like you has made a world of difference for us. I hope you enjoyed the chocolates.
Rogier Kievit

When all you want is for things to go smoothly, with no nasty, last minute surprises, Barr Ellison can provide the expertise you need – a highly experienced team of Residential Conveyancers who know exactly what to look for, and who can take the major hassles off your hands.

Barr Ellison Solicitors have provided us with consistently high service across a number of disciplines. Most recently, they have provided exceptional service in the sale of our property.
Sara & Daniel Aguilar-Agon