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Few of us like to think about death and, as a result, we can be tempted to bury our heads in the sand.

Leaving loose ends after you die may result in loved ones grappling with complex legal issues at a distressing time. As a result your assets (including your home and its contents, personal items, money, shares and insurance policies, etc.) may not be inherited according to your wishes and also may be reduced significantly by inheritance tax.

Barr Ellison Leading Legal 500 Law Firm Personal WealthThere is a real team ethos within Barr Ellison and this operates in a seamless manner for both clients and professional connections. There is a great depth of expertise that is nonetheless expressed in engaging and client-friendly terms, giving great confidence that objectives and priorities are completely understood, so that thorough advice across a wide variety of matters is effectively provided.
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To protect your loved ones, we can help with:

  • Making a Will and storing it safely for you (storage is free of charge)
  • Planning to minimise Inheritance Tax
  • Making outright gifts to loved ones
  • Setting up a trust fund in your lifetime and administering it on your behalf
  • Dealing with your assets on death (Probate/Administration of your Estate) and ensuring the terms of your Will or intestacy rules are followed.

Our aim is to assist you and your loved ones in making these processes as painless as possible.

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