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We help as much (or as little) as you require. It is possible for a friend or relative to obtain probate, though some find it harder than expected as it can be emotional dealing with a loved one’s estate. We are ready to support you if you need a probate specialist, for example where:

  • the estate is over the inheritance tax threshold, and earning an income where there are taxes due.
  • the deceased died without a Will, and it’s a complicated estate to administer.
  • there are doubts about the validity of the Will.
  • there are dependants who were left out of the Will but who may make a claim on the estate
  • the estate has complex arrangements, such as assets held in a trust.

A challenge which you may face in addition to applying for probate is to determine your loved one’s financial position. Our tax team works alongside the probate solicitors to help you get matters right and thus avoid problems with HMRC. Where our tax team have been dealing with your annual income tax returns during your lifetime, we will have a head-start in collecting the initial information needed and in finalising the tax to the date of death without needing to liaise with an external accountant.

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