Contested Wills & Probate Claims

We appreciate that it is distressing to find that, following the death of a loved one, inadequate provision has been made for dependants or there are questions as to the validity of a Will or even as to the conduct of those appointed to administer the Estate.

Such claims are frequently complex. They require sympathetic treatment and understanding given the close family relationships often involved.

In all appropriate cases we first explore avenues other than Court action in an effort to resolve a dispute, such as through mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. If that fails we are effective litigators and will act diligently to protect your position in accordance with your instruction. Our litigation and private client teams work closely together in advising clients on claims of this nature.

We can help with:

  • Inheritance Act claims where inadequate provision is made in a Will or by intestacy for dependants including spouse, child or cohabitee.
  • Disputes as to the validity of a Will for example on the grounds of lack of mental capacity, undue influence, improper execution or suspected forgery.
  • Claims by and against Personal Representatives, Trustees and Attorneys.
  • Removal and substitution of Personal Representatives.
  • Proprietory Estoppel where promises of inheritance have been made but not kept.

Thank you for your help and expertise in our probate matter, Sarah [Payne]. We certainly got a better resolution than I had thought possible at the beginning of the whole affair.
Adrian Roberts

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