Building & Construction Disputes

We advise a range of clients including main contractors, sub-contractors, house builders, owners/developers, architects, surveyors and structural engineers upon:

  • Faulty/defective/incomplete workmanship, construction or installation
  • Apportionment of liability between contractors
  • Delay and expense consequent on late completion or disruption
  • Additional works/variations
  • Taking too long/costing too much
  • Property damage
  • Interim/final accounts and certification
  • Enforcement of adjudicator decisions
  • Problems getting paid/staged payments/retentions
  • Remedies, damages, ending the contract, complying with obligations, remedial works.

We deal with issues arising from new builds, extensions, maintenance or renovation for commercial and domestic premises.

Disputes can become time consuming, costly and damage relations. This risk is minimised by seeking prompt early legal advice. It is important to be clear at the outset as to the nature of the works, timescale and cost. As the work progresses any variations or additions should be recorded. It is preferable to have a written contract and a written record of additions/variations to it. Vague terms are likely to cause problems in the long run. Early advice should avoid criticism later on.

Many disputes can be resolved without involving the Court via Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR is a requirement of many commercial contracts with the objective of keeping the project moving and resolving issues quickly. We can assist with adjudication, arbitration, expert determination, early neutral evaluation, mediation and negotiation. Not all disputes are suited to ADR. If Court proceedings are required, we have the relevant expertise having conducted cases in the High Court, Technology and Construction Court and County Court.