Agreed Orders

Many people believe that the mere fact of divorce brings an end to both parties’ financial claims, but this is not the case. There is a risk a party can find themselves facing a claim for financial provision many years after a divorce has been finalised.

The court decision in the well-publicised case of Vince v Wyatt confirmed that financial claims cannot simply expire over time. That case involved a couple who separated in the 80’s and divorced in 1992 after which the ex-husband established a successful business. In 2011 his ex-wife issued a claim for financial provision and secured a lump sum payable from wealth he had acquired post separation, to buy herself a mortgage free home.

‘Clean Break Order’

It is essential to ensure that if an agreement is reached in respect of financial provision within divorce proceedings that the agreement is recorded in an order that is approved by the court. This is necessary even if the agreement is that there is to be no financial provision; it is important to ensure that there is an order that reflects this, something which is often referred to as a ‘clean break order’.

We have a strong and consistent reputation advising clients in respect of financial provision and we are able to assist you should you seek to secure an order that is simply reflective of an agreement reached between you and your spouse.

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Barr Ellison Law Leading Legal 500 Firm 2024Barr Ellison Law has a small but highly esteemed family, divorce and wealth protection practice, led by Sarah Martin. Her work focuses predominantly on complex financial divorces, both UK and cross-border, and is highly regarded for her experience in private children matters. Associate Karen Anker has vast experience in financial matters, arrangements for children and relocation disputes. She also advises on also wealth protection, including pre- and post-marital agreements and cohabitation agreements. The team is praised for ‘the impeccable quality of their work and advice’.
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‘A very experienced family team in Sarah Martin and Karen Anker. Both very well respected within the Cambridge family law community and beyond.’

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‘A very experienced family team in Sarah Martin and Karen Anker. Both very well respected within the Cambridge family law community and beyond.’