Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation means living with a partner not as a married couple or in a civil partnership. The principle of a common law spouse is not recognised in English law. While those that have lived together for some time often believe that – should their relationship breakdown – they will have legal rights similar to those of married couples, this is simply not the case.

Cohabitation or Living Together Agreement

It is therefore important if you are an unmarried couple living together, planning to live together or planning to buy a house together to discuss and understand what you each understand to be your respective interests in your home and whether or how those interests in the home could or should change in the future. Recording those discussions in a cohabitation agreement is the best way of protecting your respective interests in the property in the event of your relationship subsequently breaking down.

Our team will provide effective clear and concise advice and assistance to you, helping you put in a place a cohabitation agreement that is truly reflective of how you own your home.

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