How to Sign and Witness Your Will or Codicil

This article demonstrates the correct procedure for signing your Will, in 5 short steps.  It is also available in video.

  1. Find two appropriate Witnesses
  2. Sign Your Will in the presence of both Witnesses
  3. Witnesses Sign in your Presence
  4. Date Your Will on Front and Back
  5. Return Your Will to your Lawyer by Tracked Mail or Store it Safely

    Step 1: The first step is to find two witnesses.

    • The witnesses should be at least 18 years old.
    • The witnesses should be independent and not members of your family.
    • The witnesses and their spouses should not benefit from your Will in any way.

    You and the two witnesses must all stay together for the following steps 2, 3 and 4. You must all write using blue or black ink (including ballpoint), but not pencil.

    Step 2: Sign Your Will

    The second step is to sign your Will where indicated with your usual signature. You must sign your Will in the presence of both witnesses before they sign it.

    Step 3: Witnesses Sign

    In the third step, the witnesses both sign your Will where indicated (below your signature) with their usual signatures. The witnesses should fill in their full names, addresses and occupations below their signatures.

    Step 4: Date the Will

    The fourth step is to immediately write the date on which you have signed it in the spaces provided on the front and back pages of the Will.

    Step 5: Return Will

    The fifth and final step is to return your signed Will to your Barr Ellison lawyer by tracked delivery. Please ensure that the Will is kept unmarked and, in particular, that nothing is attached to it. For example, do not attach a covering letter to the Will with a paperclip, staple or otherwise.

    How to Sign a Codicil

    The procedure for signing a codicil to a Will is very similar – just follow the steps in our brief guide below.

    Disclaimer: This guide contains general information only and does not constitute legal advice.  You need to consult a suitably qualified lawyer from the firm on any specific legal issue.