The East of England is internationally recognised as a leading centre for AgriTech innovation.

New enterprises are being created which are finding solutions through the use of technology to increase food production while making it more efficient and reducing its consumption of energy. In an era of food insecurity, an increasing world population and other development needs reducing the land available for agriculture, these innovations are key to the UK leading the way in securing a sustainable future for food production.

A high-tech cluster known as Agri-Tech East has positioned itself to bring together two of the strongest strands of our local economy – namely farmers and food producers plus scientists, technologists, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. This hub is establishing the East of England as a centre of excellence for Agri-Tech, focussing on crop-based agriculture.

AgriTech covers a range of technologies and innovations for crop-based agriculture which improve efficiency and obtain ‘more from less’, such as the use of data systems, monitoring and engineering to improve efficiency and resilience to climate change in crop growing, the application of bioscience to improve soil quality and crop varieties, innovation in the use of fertilisers and irrigation and technologies to improve outcomes in harvesting and food production.

If you have read this far the chances are that you are:

  • An inventor with a AgriTech innovation
  • An early-stage or established AgriTech business
  • A farmer, landowner or food producer looking to develop or use AgriTech innovations in your business

We can help you with issues such as:

  • Funding and shareholder agreements
  • Protecting your ideas
  • Employee and contractor arrangements
  • Dealing with customers and terms and conditions
  • Agency, re-seller and distribution arrangements
  • Property issues arising from applying AgriTech solutions to your business

Please also see our pages on Renewable Energy and Cleantech which set out our expertise in relation to two areas closely aligned to AgriTech.

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