Renewable Energy

Whoever you are and whatever business you’re in, you can’t fail to have noticed the growth of the Green Agenda and the focus on renewable energy in politics and across all sectors of the economy.

That is an opportunity for our clients in the renewable sector, and for our clients who want to benefit from green energy. We act for businesses involved in a wide range of renewable energy technologies including:

  • Wind farms and single wind turbines
  • Solar farms and the installation of solar panels on commercial premises
  • Biomass boiler installations; and
  • Hydropower projects.

It’s a complex market with a raft of regulatory issues to absorb and a financial framework that’s in a constant state of flux. Our clients need advisers who understand the obstacles they are facing and who can help them work round these.

If you’ve read this far the chances are that you’re either:

  • Involved in a renewable or cleantech business; or
  • You’re a landowner who is thinking about investing in renewable energy for the benefit of your own land or premises.

Our Team has experience of:

  • Windfarm developments for developers and landowners
  • Single 500 kW wind turbine projects for farmers, food producers and social housing developers
  • 5 MW solar farms
  • Creating and financing portfolios of solar rooftop leases on commercial buildings
  • Hydropower installations.

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