Farms and Estates

The challenges facing farming show no sign of easing.

To prosper nowadays takes innovative thinking, business acumen and a sound grasp of the law – and this is where our experience counts.

Whether you have owned your land and run your farming business for generations, are a new entrant to land ownership or are an investor, we have the expertise – in both law and in business – to provide you with the advice you need.

Our areas of specialist expertise include:

  • Agricultural holdings
  • Business farm tenancies
  • Capital Gains Tax mitigation
  • Diversification and alternative land use
  • Basic Payment Scheme
  • Environmental Law
  • Farm partnership and share farm agreements
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Renewable energy

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Companies & Businesses

Legal support to owner-managed and corporate businesses in East Anglia

Personal Wealth

Make or Review Your Will

Create Power of Attorney

Arrange Court of Protection Deputyship

Arrange Probate

Property Development

Barr Ellison has built a solid reputation over the years for working with our clients to achieve enhanced value for their land through property development.