Employment Law

Why is it so important for employers to take a SMART approach to managing employees?

  • Substantially more motivated employees
  • Management time and costs reduced
  • A greater amount of regulation governing the employer/employee relationship
  • Reduced disputes, grievances and tribunal claims
  • Trained and focused management team.

For most businesses, the cost of employing staff is their greatest overhead. If you manage and engage staff effectively, the benefits to your bottom line can be extraordinary.

Sometimes it must seem as if the whole purpose of employment law is to tie your business up in red tape. Putting in place the correct contracts, policies and procedures can assist you in managing the statutory minefield, resolving potential disputes and allowing you to run your business without unnecessary distractions.

Barr Ellison offers a comprehensive employment law service, tailored to the business needs of each of our clients. We specialise in all aspects of employment law, including:

  • contracts of employment, policies and procedures
  • directors’ service agreements
  • consultancy agreements
  • redundancies and business reorganisations
  • recruitment and personnel management
  • employment aspects of business transfers
  • changing employment terms
  • post-termination restrictions
  • defending employment tribunal claims
  • termination of employment and settlement agreements
  • ACAS settlements
  • disciplinary and grievance issues.

Employment problems can be a drain on management time and profits. We remove the stress and improve your bottom line by providing practical solutions. We offer free training sessions for your management team on topical employment matters.

“We were very pleased with the employment service provided by Barr Ellison Solicitors and the favourable outcome of the case for us.”
Jim Hardingham, Cambridge Joinery Limited

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